Selecting Roses For The Garden - Roses are a favorite plant for landscaping and can be used in a variety of ways.

How to Tell If It Is Time to Renovate Your Kitchen - When your cabinets start falling apart, appliances no longer work, and your countertops are chipped or broken it is pretty easy to tell that you might need to remodel your kitchen.

Planning Your Kitchen Design - Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Here's some things to consider before you start.

Is Your College Students Apartment or Dorm Safe - College students and their parents can easily fall into a false sense of security when moving into a college apartment or dorm room.

Synthetic Grass An Increasingly Popular Alternative for the Yard - As Australia?s severe drought has turned many green, lush gardens and yards into brown, lifeless dustbowls, an increasing number of Australian homeowners are turning to synthetic turf as a viable solution.

Overt Consumerism - What is the impact of extreme wealth on design and what is the role of design professionals when retained to participate in obscenely expensive projects?.

Pleated Shades Dashing Decor By Dressing Windows In Designer Shades - Pleated shades not only transform windows into showpieces, but add privacy, perfect light filtering, and UV protection.

Choose a Wool Rug for Your Home - Renovating your rooms with new decor? Then you simply can't do without an area rug.

Features That Home Buyers Love - If you are remodeling or shopping for a new home, find out what is important in today's housing market, and make choices that offer the most value for the money.

The Role of Lighting in Interior Decorating - The types of lighting used in a room can dramatically change the way that room looks.

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