Dress Up Your Windows With Roman Window Shades - Add pizzazz to your decor by hanging Roman shades in your windows.

An Introduction To Rustic Wooden Furniture - This article provides an introduction to rustic wooden furniture, discussing topics such as placement and care.

French Country Kitchen Design and Decor Tips - The most captivating room in a French country home is often the kitchen because it serves as the social gathering point for cooking and conversation with family, friends and co-workers and family.

What Is Interior Design Modern Anyway - today interior design is alive and well.

Planning your kids room dcor Its the small things that count - It?s small, usually round, carries a lot germs and if you are in the serious business of door hardware, a crucial consideration.

Creating New House Plants from Leaf Cuttings - You can propagate plants in multiple different ways, including leaf cuttings, seeds, etc.

What Every Buyer Should Know About Bamboo Shade Patterns - When selecting bamboo shades, or woven woods, the pattern selections will relate to performance.

Interior Designers in Perth take on the world - Perth Interior Designers are as good as many in the rest of the world.

Buying Bathroom Tiles - Bathroom design is a rapidly growing area of interior design that is beginning to have a knock on effect on the resale value of homes.

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