Buying Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom design is a rapidly growing area of interior design that is beginning to have a knock on effect on the resale value of homes. Countless studies have shown that contemporary bathroom designs sell houses more easily and at a higher price than those with rundown washroom facilities. What's more, given the simplicity of the changes needed to comprise modern design, bathroom redecoration can prove to be a profitable way of improving your home.

One of the most critical features in renovating a bathroom is the tiles used, and understanding the fundamentals of tile buying is essential to ensure you can improve your bathroom for as little cost as possible without skimping on quality. Buying bathroom tiles might sound like an easy process, but for the first time or inexperienced buyer it can be fraught with danger. The most obvious mistake is buying the wrong quantity - too many or too little tiles can lead to frustration and unnecessary expense. Of course, it is naturally better to buy around 10% more tiles than you imagine you will require in order to cater for any wastage and to ensure you don't run out mid-project - there really is nothing worse than running out of tiles to find they are no longer in stock at your local tile store.

In order to gauge the quantity of tiles you'll require, measure the wall space you intend to tile, calculate the area and divide the area by the size of the individual tiles - this should give you a rough number to work on, and by going a little extra over that number, you really can't go wrong. When buying bathroom tiles, it's important to get to grips with the kind of styles that really sell bathrooms to potential home buyers. Generally, you're looking for something that is plain in colour or is in keeping with contemporary minimalist trends. By creating that blank canvas look, you can allow potential buyers to appreciate the full extent of your room, which can lead to an improved perception of your home as a whole.

Try to stay away from tiles that are individually patterned, although tiles laid to form an abstract pattern on the wall may be OK, depending on the style in which they are set. When buying bathroom tiles, consider heading to a building merchants for discount prices. Provided you have a large wallspace to tile, you should be able to pick up a range of stylish tiles at trade prices, without having to pay too much of a retail markup to decorate on a budget. Bathroom tiles are a great way to jazz up even the dullest of bathroom interiors. Coming in a range of colours and styles there's no reason not to head on down to your local home store and pick up a box or two for redecorating your bathroom. What's more, with the availability of great and easy ways to save money on the purchase price, buying bathroom tiles might just be the best way to increase the value of your home and heighten your enjoyment of your bathroom facilities.

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