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Find Weapons Of Wood Warfare At A chainsaw is a big part of a tool user's tool shed. Especially when dealing with wood and similar materials, a chainsaw can make fast work of heavy task, saving you the time and the effort. Whether dealing with old furniture, pruning trunks and branches or making a large wooden sculpture, find the chainsaw that is right for you at

A very popular product is the Stihl chain saw. The Stihl Company was started in 1926 by Andreas Stihl in Cannstatt near Stuttgart, Germany. He designed the first bucking chainsaw with an electric motor.

Now, the STIHL company has grown and the Stihl chain saw is by far the most widely sold chainsaw brand in the world. The company also branched out into production of other garden power tools including hedge trimmers, blowers, vacuum shredders, grass trimmers, brushcutters and pressure washer cleaning systems. Modern Stihl chain saws like the MS 280 CQS and MS 270 C are equipped with features like the Quick Chain Adjuster, Side Access Chain Tensioner, Chain Sprockets, Ematic Bar Lubrication, OILOMATIC Chain Lubrication System and the STIHL Quickstop Chain Brake.

Husqvarna chain saws come not only in gas powered models but also in electric ones. Gas powered saws are usually used for heavy jobs like felling and limbing. Gas powered Husqvarna chain saws feature Air Injection, Smart Start, Three-piece crankshaft, Quick chain adjustments and a transparent fuel tank. The Husqvarna two mass principle is also an effective vibration dampening system. This model also boasts easier starts, smoother operation and easy cleaning. Electric models used for pruning and other lighter cutting jobs have transparent oil levels, replacement carbon brushes and an assortment of cutting attachments.

Like Husqvarna, Poulan also produces gas and electric powered chain saws. Under the Electrolux Group, a known manufacturer of quality kitchen and outdoor appliances, Poulan chain saws offer durability, affordability and high performance. Poulan chain saws also include innovations like SuperClean system and DuraChrome cylinders which make their chain saws run smoother, cleaner, and longer. The Mcculloch company has been manufacturing quality power tools, cleaning machines, generators and lawn and garden equipment for more than 50 years. Gas powered McCulloch chain saws are available in a variety of engine sizes and bar lengths, and also offers increased power and complete portability. Standard features, which can also be found on Electric driven Mcculloch chain saws include chain brakes for operator safety, automatic oilers and electronic iginition for easier starting.

Optional features include carry cases, anti-vibration handles, and the SmoothPull starting system for a 60% reduction in starting effort. The Echo company also specializes in power outdoor equipment like trimmers, brushcutters, edgers, blowers, clippers, pruners, sprayers and chain saws. Echo chain saws are equipped with a high performance, 2-stroke engine and Pro-fire ignition system that ensure fast starts and smooth operation. Echo chain saws are also ensured balance and control are enhanced with vibration reduction technology and grouped controls that provide easy access to all saw functions.

When shopping for new or replacement chain saw parts, always remember to purchase only original chain saw parts from the manufacturer of your product. If you're not sure what part to buy or how to replace it, contact your product manufacturer, they'll be glad to give you assistance. Chain saws are hazardous equipments which should always be in top condition to avoid mishaps and accidents due to malfunction. .

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Find Weapons Of Wood Warfare At Bigchainsawcom - A chainsaw is a big part of a tool user's tool shed.

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