Clean Faster Clean Better With These Easy Tips

Who doesn't love a clean house? We all do! But, who wants to do hours of work. A little planning and a bit of organization and you can clean more effectively and efficiently in less time. Add an hour a day back into your free time with these easy tips. Tidy A Room A Day Clean a room a day. It can be as simple as tidying up and a light dusting.

By staying on top of a house a little a day feels like you are in charge of the dirt and keeps the job of cleaning managable. Save one day a week for a good cleaning of the major use rooms like kitchen, family room and bathrooms. Keep up with the quick pick ups but save the heavy scrubbing for one day a week. Assign each room a day and then spend the half hour scrubbing it from top to bottom. With this sort of deep cleaning the work load never gets overwhelming and the half hour spent seems well worth it on Saturday when you can truly take a day off.

Wash the Dishes As They Come Dishes can get overwhelming if you let them pile up throughout the day. By the time supper is ready to be prepared it is almost impossible to face that kitchen knowing that you are only going to add more dishes to the pile. Taking the few minutes throughout the day to wash dishes or rinse them and place them in the dishwashers after each meal will not only make you feel your on top of things but will save your aching feet stadning time at the end of the day. Wipe The Shower Right Away Take your used towel or washcloth and do a quick wipe of the shower when you finish. Keep a cup beside the tub and when the tub has drained fill it a few times with clean water to splash down the sides.

This little wipe can save you a long scrub each week by simply getting rid of the stadning water drops on the walls each day. Carry All Your Supplies Put all your cleaning supplies in a single easy to carry caddy. Save time running back to get the glass cleaner you forgot andthen the wipes and then the gloves, etc. Have it right on hand in one easy to carry, organized tote. A simple carry all with a handle that will hold all your cleaning supplies makes it easier to bring everything with you as you go from room to room cleaning. Stay On Top Of The Clutter Put things away and stay organized.

Nothing adds more to cleaning time than having to clean up and cleanaround clutter and messes. Use hampers, bins, holders and drawers and require the other members of your house to do the same. Less clutter makes a room feel bigger the less dust collecting occurs.

Joy Jackson is a house cleaning expert with her own cleaning service. For more information see The Online Maid.

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