A Dozen Holiday Gift Ideas for Todays Teenagers

Many parents find it difficult to know what gifts to buy for their teenagers for the holidays. Perhaps last year you thought you had the "perfect gift" for them, only to have it returned the next day and your feelings hurt. If you are struggling to figure out what to get your teenager this holiday season, here are some ideas that can help: 1. Clothes or gift card to a favorite clothing store I do not know of any teenager that does not enjoy clothes.

Whether they are choosing to dress with the current style, or have a style all their own. Clothes can be a big hit. Do not be afraid to give them a gift card either. While it may be considered tacky to some parents, many teenagers would prefer the gift card for ease and not wanting to hurt their parents feelings if they want to return it.

2. Video Games or accessories Many of today's teenagers are into the gaming sensation. Whether it is the Nintendo Wii or other hi fi games, they are a hit. Your local electronics store can help you find some great accessories for the gaming hobbyist. 3.

MP3 player or accessories Teenagers love music and they love the mp3 players. Today's mp3 players have replaced yesterday's CD players and cassette walkmans. And honestly, they do produce a much better sound. You can also buy mp3 gift cards so they can download whatever songs they prefer.

4. Concert tickets or tickets to a play Do you know what your son's favorite musician is? Or is there a play your daughter has wanted to see? Why not get tickets and take them to the concert of play? It may sound flaky at first to your teenager, but it will send the message to your son/daughter that you are interested in their hobbies, and want to learn more. 5. Movie tickets Teenagers love to go to the movies with their friends. Movie tickets make a great gift.

Many wholesale clubs are equipped so you can purchase them in bulk for a cheaper price. 6. Journal or Diary Many teenagers enjoy writing down their thoughts and are very talented writers.

Others just like to write down their personal thoughts and reflections. There is something powerful about the written word 7. A night on the town with you When was the last time you spent some time alone with your teenager? It can be as simple as a weekend breakfast after practice or as elaborate as a weekend trip.

8. Collegiate items Collegiate gear is a great gift for a teenager that has a favorite sports team, or has been accepted to a specific college. 9. Investments Teenagers need to know how to handle money wisely. Educating your teenager on how to stay out of debt, and make sound financial decisions can have life long benefits.

10. A class for a new skill Does your teenager want to learn martial arts, or how to be graphic designer, or enjoy cooking? Why not give them a class on something they would enjoy? 11. Audio Books or inspirational books written for teenagers Some teenagers loves to read a book, while others are more auditory learners. Regardless of the form, reading can be relaxing and educational.

12. A gift where they give of themselves. There are many community non profit organizations that need a lot of extra help this time of year. Consider volunteering at a homeless shelter or a retirement community.

Are you looking for more common sense advice, practical solutions and even humor for parenting your teen? I invite you to check out where you will find tips for parenting teens, school, curfew, and more! Terre Grable is a licensed professional counselor. She enjoys helping parents and teens become better friends when they feel like enemies.

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